Avoid this 5 things to wash in washing machine

Washing machines are for cleaning clothes. But if you want your machine to work for long time then you have to take some care. There are some clothes which should be avoided to be washed in washing machine. Let we have a look so that one can have Happy Laundry.

1. Foam pillows

You can wash pillow covers in machine but don’t put pillows specially the solid foam pillows in machine. Because due to machines rotation pillow may gets destroyed and its tiny fibres may damage the machine parts too.

2. Pet hair

If you are having pets like dogs, cats at your home then their hairs may stick to your clothes. Dont wash these clothes in washing machin as the tiny hairs may get into the dryer and choke it. Insted remove that hairs first and then wash in machine.

3. Greeced clothes

If your clothes are having the stains of Greece in it then please avoid it to be washed in washing machine. Because during drying it may take fire due to heat. Be careful

4. Clothes with hooks

Clothes having hooks like bra may get stucked to one another while rotating in machine. It may cause the damage to the clothes themselves. So don’t put such a clothes in machine.

5. Ties

Ties tend to be made with fine fabrics like silk and wool, and so throwing them in the washing machine will lead to shrinkage, damage, and/or color loss. Your best course of action when it comes to tidying up your ties is to just take them to a dry cleaner, where they can be properly handled by a professional.

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