Daily Laundry hacks

In today’s time everyone is so busy that needs efficient ways to complete daily chores in less time with more accuracy. We are here with some very simple but effective laundry hacks that will definately save your time.

1. Preserve brightness

Add one ‘Aspirin’ tablet to your load of white clothes to keep them bright.

 Add a table spoon of pepper to the washing machine to keep colours bright.

2. Lipstick stains

White bread can blot out the lipstick stains. Rub the middle white portion of the bread on the stain. Leave it for some time and then rinse off.

3. Dark clothes

Most of the times the dark clothes leaves their colours while washing. Due to that colour gets faded. If we put these clothes with other ones then they may get that leaving colours. So one should add a cup of salt to these clothes and soak them separately.

4. Greece stains

Greece stains can be easily removed by using chalk. Rub the chalk on the stain, it will absorb that stain and cloth will be stainless.

5. Sweat stains

Sweat stains can be dealt with the use of lemon juice. Mix half cup of lemon juice to half cup of water and soak the stained part into it for half an hour. It removes that stain as well as odour too.

So these were all the hacks you can use in your daily life to save time and efforts.

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