Home remedies for baby cold

It really annoys to any mother if her little one is in pain or not feeling comfortable. Colds are very common in babies. We can’t offer much of medicines to them, here we come with some effective home remedies.

1. Fluids:

In cold offer plenty of fluids to little one so that it keeps them hydrated and give relaxation to them. Fluids may be any soups, warm water etc

2. Garlic clove:

Just take one garlic clove, peel it off and tie it in thread. Knot that thread to baby’s neck. It will help to melt the cough.

3. Camphor and cardamom:

Take one camphor cube and one cardomom. Tie them in thin hankerchief and keep it near baby. This will also help in melting the cough and prevent nose from blocking.

4. Saline drops:

If baby’s nose is choked and if baby can’t breath properly then doctor will prescribe you the nasal saline drops. You have to put one one drops in each nostril of baby. It will give fast relief. These saline drops are easily available in any medical shop. One can prepare it at home as well.

5. Elevate baby’s head:

If baby is suffering from cold and can’t breathe properly then one should keep baby’s head elevated with the help of some soft baby pillow or fold any soft napkins. Baby will sleep properly.

6. Mustard oil :

Mustard oil is very helpful in cold. Before sleeping take some oil, warm it up. Then put oil on baby’s head, chest and feets too. Cover the feets with socks. This will surely help to get rid of cough. Before applying oil, please check that baby is not having any allergy of that oil.

7. Breast milk :

Breast milk is best for baby’s. It have all the anti biotics that will keep baby away from any disease. In cold if baby gets breastmilk then speedy recovery happens.

8. Steam :

Baby’s can’t be given direct steam. We can put the gyser or heater on in bathroom, run the tap and take baby to bathroom. Close the doors. It will help to release the cough.

Remember if baby is feeling too uneasy and can’t breathe properly for more time them please go to your pediatrician early.

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