Office days after Covid-19 Lockdown !

While we may see the lockdown gets extended again many of us have to wait for joining our office, but have you thought that how will be the office environment will be like after the lockdown gets finish and we start to go to office again?
Surely the environment will be not same as earlier days and we may see many differences now. We have listed below some probable workplace changes which are only few to list.

– Starting from the transportation, you may get comfortable space of two seats for sitting and will not have the regular travel partner beside you since now physical distance will be followed. While we wonder that some persons will get happy to get more space but some social mixing people will be sad for the same thing.

– Namaste will be the new cool- We may see many people back to follow our old tradition of Greeting by saying Namaste over shaking of hands. We realised that our old traditions have the science attached to it.

– Preference of video meeting over gathering in meeting room. We may see companies will continue to do meetings on online meeting platform over actually meeting in the meeting room since the fear of Corona infection due to gathering will be always there. The meeting will be like the boss will be in his compartment and you will be at your place in the office itslef will be doing the online meetings. Yes we got it , you may be thinking this will be kind of weird and awkward , we also have the same feeling but this may be followed actually

– No sharing of Foods during lunch- Most of us have the habbit of sharing the food during lunch since we have that learning from our childhood. But this may now totally disappear since we will be more careful to check what we are eating.

– Masked people everywhere- Yes mask will be compulsion. Mask will be part of our daily routine. It will be not surprising to see everybody with a mask. We wonder that in future there will be fashionable masks also to suit to your personality.

So these are some of the crazy changes we think. Share in comments if you agree with us or if you have any new change to the list.

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