Simple Beauty hacks

If you want to look good and don’t have much time and money too then we are here with some simple hacks that will give you gorgeous look in less time.

Let’s start with the first one which can be done with start of your day

Exfoliating lips

If you want your lips to be pink but can’t afford the costly scrub, don’t worry…you have to just exfoliate your lips with the toothbrush..just brush your lips too after having brushed your will get surprised just try it.

Puffy eyes

This happens many times when we can’t get proper sleep and wake up with puffy eyes that looks weired. Dont worry we are introducing very simple hack. Just take one ice cube and rub it on your eyes, tada…all done.

Flawless glowing face

We face problem of dry and uneven skin on face during this winter. To overcome this you have to give just 2 minutes before going to bed. You have to take any cold cream or moisturizer you have at your home and apply it on your face. Massage for 2 minutes. Leave it overnight. Within a week you will notice change in your skin texture.


This is very pocket friendly hack. If you are not having primer and going for some occasion then no need to panic. Aloe vera gel can be used as a primer. Believe me it’s really very very good and is affordable too.

Healthy skin

Last but not the least hack is to drink plenty of water to nourish your skin always. It will add beauty as well as health benifit too.

For more and more such hacks stay tuned with us.

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