Valentine week :2020

The festival of love. The week most awaited by the lovers is very near. Couple waits for it throughout the year. Valentine’s day is on 14th feb, but valentine’s week starts from 7th feb. In these days couples make feel special to each other by giving roses, cards and chocolates.

Let’s take a look on the day list of this week.

7 February : Rose day🌹

On this day , red rose is given to the loved ones. In addition one can offer yellow rose too that signifies the friendship.

8 February : propose day♥️

This day is celebrated as propose day where one proposes to loved one. The proposal can be of love as well as friendship too.

9 February : chocolate day🍫

Chocolates… mouth watering for many of us. Well what could be better if we found one whole day to give and get the chocolates from our near ones.

10 February : Teddy day🐼

It’s seen that teddy bear is more favourite to girls rather than boys. Well girls can also gift them to boys. So on this day gifting teddy to express the love 8s the part of celebration.

11 February : promise day🤝

On this day, couples promises each other for lifetime commitments. The promise may vary from couple to couple.

12 February : hug day🤩

On this day couple hugs each other that indicated that they will be together forever.

13 February : kiss day😘

13th of February is celebrated as a kiss day. This day is celebrated to express the boundless love.

14 February : valentine’s day💞

Here it comes, the most awaited day. On this day, couples spend time together, make feel special to one another, presents the most special gifts. Everyone have their different ways to celebrate this day.

So here we complete the list. Now get ready to celebrate the festival of love.

We are having some special gift idea you have ever think of.

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