Weight gaining foods

For some people, gaining weight or adding muscle can be just as difficult as losing weight for others.

However, simply adding certain foods to your diet can make your weight gain efforts both healthy and more effective.

Here are some of the best foods to help you gain weight or add muscle, the healthy way

1. Milk

Drinking milk is great way to add protien to your diet.

It provides a good balance of proteins, carbs and fats and is a good source of calcium as well as other vitamins and minerals.

For those trying to add more muscle, milk is an excellent protein source that provides both casein and whey proteins. Research has even shown it can help you add muscle when combined with weight lifting.

Try drinking around one or two glasses as a snack, with a meal, or before and after a workout if you are training.

2. Rice

Rice is a great source of carbs that are easy to consume and digest. However, some types of rice are high in arsenic.

Rice is easiest way to gain weight as it can be easily available anywhere and easily preparable too.

However, extremely large amounts may not be wise due to their potential arsenic and phytic acid content. Arsenic can cause toxicity and phytic acid can reduce the absorption of zinc and iron.

3. Potatoes and other starches

Potatoes and other starchy foods are a very easy and cost-effective way to add in extra calories.

Try to choose one of these healthy sources of starchy carbs like Oats, corn, buckwheat, sweet potatoes, potatoes, root vegetables etc

Not only do potatoes and other starches add carbs and calories to help you gain weight, they also increase your muscle glycogen stores.

Glycogen is the predominant fuel source for most sports and activities.

4. Whole grain bread

 breads are another good carb source to help you gain weight.

You can make some very simple, high-calorie and well-balanced meals by combining bread with protein sources such as cheese.

Whole-grain breads can be effective to gain weight, especially when combined with a good protein source.

5. Nuts and nut Butters

Nuts and nut butters are delicious, high-calorie treats. They’re great for you and easy to add in your diet.

Nuts and nut butters are a perfect choice if you’re looking to gain weight.

Just one small handful of almonds contains over 7 grams of protein and 18 grams of healthy fats.

Since they’re very calorie-dense, just two handfuls per day with a meal or as a snack can quickly add hundreds of calories.

Nut butters can also be added to a variety of snacks or dishes, such as smoothies, yogurts and much more.

6. Dark chocolates

High quality dark chocolate provides a ton of antioxidants and health benefits.

Most people recommend getting dark chocolate with a cocoa content of at least 70%.

Like other high-fat foods, dark chocolate has a very high calorie density, meaning it’s very easy to get many calories from it.

So these are some foods which can helps in gaining weight. Remember to gain weight is not to eat plenty of food but it’s eating healthy food in proper quantity. Stay healthy.

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